LightWay’s Meal Preparation Program provides the best non-medical home care services for seniors and elderly adults. Proper nutrition and good eating habits are critical for a healthy life. We have found that too often seniors lose desire and motivation to properly monitor what they are eating, sometimes skipping meals entirely. An important area of our care is to implement a well-planned program of healthy eating, and to provide all the elements needed to assure nutrition and food safety. Just as we would for our own loved ones, we work to make meals not only healthy, but an enjoyable time of the day as well.

Meal Preparation Overview

Consider the amount of effort and time required to plan, shop, cook, clean and take care of all the tasks that go along with food preparation in any home. Sometimes just maintaining the sheer energy level needed to attend to those chores is beyond our clients’ ability. When that situation is coupled with a progressive decline in appetite, elderly or disabled persons can slowly fall into very bad habits regarding what they eat and how often they eat.

We see this challenge as a tremendous opportunity to improve the lives of our clients, and a critical factor in allowing them to stay independent in familiar home surroundings. We often also are able to provide relief for family caregivers, people who many times are dealing with a host of demanding scheduling situations outside the subject of groceries and meals.

Getting the basics of meal preparation right is only a part of what we provide. We carefully review any dietary restrictions or allergy situations, and work with directives from physicians, registered dieticians and the family regarding individualized plans and meal monitoring needed. We are especially sensitive to diabetic or other chronic conditions that require constant attention.

LightWay will make sure our Meal Preparation program is efficiently and economically planned and delivered in concert with our other home health services whenever needed. The following list of basic services can serve as a starting point for designing a custom program:

  • Planning menu items with client and family
  • Grocery shopping
  • Organizing kitchen, pantry and refrigerator
  • Monitoring food storage safety
  • Understanding dietary restrictions
  • Encouraging a healthy diet
  • Cooking and meal preparation
  • Providing companionship and assistance during meals
  • Cleaning kitchen and eating areas
  • Recording eating habits, if needed
  • Keeping snacks and liquids available

LightWay Home Health Care

Our mission is to serve our clients and their families by providing them the kind of care and companionship we would want for ourselves and our loved ones. We achieve this by helping them experience the joy of enhanced independence and a higher quality of life. Our unique culture attracts exceptional caregivers who are given the opportunity to grow professionally and find fulfillment as they improve and change lives.

We invite you to explore our areas of service below or contact us about your situation and how we can customize a care program. Use the button here or call us directly at (615) 891-4222.

Personal Home Health Care Nashville

Personal Care

Maintaining hygiene with dignity and independence

Companionship Services Nashville TN


Conversation and fellowship to ensure engagement and emotional support

Household Assistance Nashville TN

Household Assistance

Assistance to continue living in ones own home

Transportation Assistance Nashville TN


Access to dependable and safe transportation for appointments and visits.

Meal Prep Assistance Nashville TN

Meal Preparation

Proper nutrition and eating habits for a healthy life

Respite Care Assistance Nashville TN


Assistance to overwhelmed family members caring for loved ones