LightWay’s Respite Care Program provides the best non-medical home care services for family members caregivers caring for seniors and elderly adults. Constantly providing care for a senior or disabled loved one can lead even the most committed family members to concerns about their own emotional, mental and physical well-being. While the caregiving may indeed be a labor of love, that does not mean it cannot become exhausting and stressful. This is not something anyone should decide to live with and ignore. Rest is the answer, and a renewal of body and spirit on a regular basis will serve the needs of everyone.

Respite Overview

Professional nurses and caregivers do not work without rest and time off to recharge their emotional and physical batteries. Yet, many times we see a family member (or a limited few) taking on the responsibility and workload of giving total care all the time. This becomes a double or even triple load for the caregiver who may have children to rear, plus a job or career that must get attention to make the financial situation work.

Even the most dedicated person with a very organized plan can begin to feel the strain of balancing all these responsibilities and time demands. Family caregivers in this situation need to see a break or vacation somewhere in their future in order to keep up the pace and effort. That’s where LightWay’s Respite Care program will bring welcome relief.

Our experienced caregivers step into the picture, quickly learn the requirements and routines, and bring the support you’d expect from another member of the family.

Our clients have the freedom to structure Respite Care to match their specific needs. Some utilize the service for a few hours each week for their own rest and to attend to ongoing family matters. Other situations call for our team providing continuous care for days or even weeks. We also can structure a support program involving a customized selection of our services such as Personal Care, Household Assistance, and Meal Preparation.

We will make sure your established care program remains constant, and special attention is paid to any medication or healthcare needs. Our clients find using our Respite Care gives them peace of mind, and often that the care recipient also enjoys a change of conversation and introduction of a new friend. We’d like to meet with you and talk about Respite Care program options. This service can make a difference in everyone’s health and happiness:

  • On-call service as needed
  • Overnight care on a regular basis
  • Regularly scheduled time off for a few hours
  • Full care services for as many days as needed
  • Support care on a constant basis as a partner for chronic conditions

LightWay Home Health Care

Our mission is to serve our clients and their families by providing them the kind of care and companionship we would want for ourselves and our loved ones. We achieve this by helping them experience the joy of enhanced independence and a higher quality of life. Our unique culture attracts exceptional caregivers who are given the opportunity to grow professionally and find fulfillment as they improve and change lives.

We invite you to explore our areas of service below or contact us about your situation and how we can customize a care program. Use the button here or call us directly at (615) 891-4222.

Personal Home Health Care Nashville

Personal Care

Maintaining hygiene with dignity and independence

Companionship Services Nashville TN


Conversation and fellowship to ensure engagement and emotional support

Household Assistance Nashville TN

Household Assistance

Assistance to continue living in ones own home

Transportation Assistance Nashville TN


Access to dependable and safe transportation for appointments and visits.

Meal Prep Assistance Nashville TN

Meal Preparation

Proper nutrition and eating habits for a healthy life

Respite Care Assistance Nashville TN


Assistance to overwhelmed family members caring for loved ones