LightWay’s Transportation Program provides the best non-medical home care services for seniors and elderly adults. Access to dependable and safe transportation becomes a major factor in maintaining independence for seniors. At LightWay, we have also found the ability to visit friends and family means a more enjoyable life experience. Perhaps the time to continue driving a car has passed, but we know that should not mean you or your loved one are homebound. Giving seniors the means to continue interaction with the world through direct contact, and doing so in a safe manner, is part of our commitment to care we would want for our own family.

Transportation Overview

Seniors sometimes continue driving when it is no longer safe simply because they feel they have no other alternative. With slower reaction times and an ever-changing world in front of them, many elderly people are fully aware of their own limitations. We’ve found there is often a tremendous sense of relief when the client has a friendly and dependable source of transportation available.

When LightWay’s caregivers become that source, family members also feel the direct benefits. Most of today’s households have two breadwinners at work each day. Taking time off constantly to transport non-driving relatives can chip away at allowed sick days, and even take away time that might be needed for the healthcare of one’s self or other family members.

When we provide transportation services, peace of mind comes from knowing our caregivers are fully trained in helping seniors in and out of cars, as well as in and out of buildings and offices. Moving at a safe pace and accounting for the physical limitations of our clients are important factors in preventing both anxiety and injury. Today’s public transportation and various on-call driver options clearly do not address those concerns.

Getting out into the world and being with others is truly a blessing for many of our clients, and they are able to relax with transportation help they know and trust. Talk with us about your needs, and we will design a program to accommodate them. Some of the destinations we see most often are:

  • Doctor’s appointments
  • Medical testing, therapy or outpatient procedures
  • Drug store visits and prescription pickup
  • Religious services
  • Special family gatherings and community events
  • Club and hobby activities
  • Store visits for groceries or general shopping
  • Movies and concerts
  • Spa/hairdresser/barber appointments
  • Airport drop-off and pickup

LightWay Home Health Care

Our mission is to serve our clients and their families by providing them the kind of care and companionship we would want for ourselves and our loved ones. We achieve this by helping them experience the joy of enhanced independence and a higher quality of life. Our unique culture attracts exceptional caregivers who are given the opportunity to grow professionally and find fulfillment as they improve and change lives.

We invite you to explore our areas of service below or contact us about your situation and how we can customize a care program. Use the button here or call us directly at (615) 891-4222.

Personal Home Health Care Nashville

Personal Care

Maintaining hygiene with dignity and independence

Companionship Services Nashville TN


Conversation and fellowship to ensure engagement and emotional support

Household Assistance Nashville TN

Household Assistance

Assistance to continue living in ones own home

Transportation Assistance Nashville TN


Access to dependable and safe transportation for appointments and visits.

Meal Prep Assistance Nashville TN

Meal Preparation

Proper nutrition and eating habits for a healthy life

Respite Care Assistance Nashville TN


Assistance to overwhelmed family members caring for loved ones